lunes, 28 de marzo de 2011


It is empty
my head inside your head in mine
Has always been expensive
passage to my thoughts outside my mind

It is raining
it melts inside and outside my mind
Against my will trying
to go where the clouds and sun forever shine

Cut down the tree
set its soul free
burn the flowers
and cut down everything

Cut down the tree
its shade is not for thee
burn the cowards
they are not listening

It is empty
your head inside my head is not mine
Tentacles of cruelty not expressive
the monster beneath my bed cries

Cut down the tree
set my soul free
burn the flowers
will maybe come back in spring

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Carliita dijo... dio fiaca leer todoeso, xqetmp soy tan capa tardo en traducirme a mi misma xD
Si, mei cuenta qe no estaba..escribis lindo chico..