lunes, 19 de enero de 2009

Fuck You Forever

Colder change I'll never find
Leaving and for me that's fine
Hard to get you off my mind
Damage's done, it's not alright
Fuck you forever and go

You'll have to get out from behind
Your eyes were color dollar sign
Now it's time to pay the price
Go away, don't pay your fines
Fuck you forever and go

You bring creeps up through my spine
Covering up endless lies
The explosions are alright
Went and fucked them in the mind
Fuck you forever, explode

Can't see the sun, 'cause it don't shine
Your ego's smoke's there from last time
Go away with all your crimes
Hope you'll be poor with naught to dine
Fuck you forever alone
Fuck you forever with your clones
Fuck you forever on the stones
Fuck you forever and go

Fuck you forever, be gone

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