domingo, 3 de abril de 2011


Time is not a whore, for when whores receive your payment, they make sure you receive yours. Time has never given me a single minute of passion in return for my investment.
Time is a pawnbroker, for pawnbrokers ask back whatever they lent you and even more. Time has always taken back everything.
Time is a thief, for thieves take what is does not belong to them without asking. Time has never warned me before taking something that is mine.
Time is a coward, for cowards flee whenever the chance comes. Time is always the quickest thing to leave me.
If I could, I would murder time and avenge our dead and living.

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Carliita dijo...

Muy copado, cuando este en mi compu lo copio eh!
Emm..aunqe debo confesar qe me manejo con lo basico de ingles xD
asi qe cuando llegue leyendo al segundo parrafo, lo copie y lo pase al traductor jaja
Mas criollo porfavor chee!