viernes, 23 de octubre de 2009

The Drowning (Second Draft)

As my mouth grows big and tries to breathe
my surroundings gather in my throat
Water comes inside of me
I killed my last remaining hope

Must I drown?
the world is over me
Must I die?
and I doomed myself to see

Blood flows from bitten my tongue
my mouth and water are stained red
As the weight crushes my lungs
sharks ready to be fed

Drowning in my happiness
Drowning in my misery

Must I drown?
I'm drowning on my knees
Must I die?
chains attached to the bottom of the sea

Black water over my body
infecting what is left of me
Water over my body
Hydrogenless Oxygen out of reach

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Liolia/Saskia dijo...

tus ahogos me suenan mucho a NIN :3