lunes, 19 de octubre de 2009

The Drowning (First Draft)

As I open my mouth seeking to breathe
I start to swallow what surrounds me
As I get near to surface I feel
a heavy weight refusing to let me free

And I drown
won't you share this fate with me?
And I die
won't you finish what you didn't doubt to begin?

As the water flows down into my lungs
won't your saliva do so too?
As the liquid takes over my song
won't you help me take off my shoe?

And I drown
won't you at least fake it with me?
And I die
won't you help me describe what I'm feeling?

And I'm drowning happily
and I'm dying in the sea
And I'm drowning without me
and I'm dying for us to see

und du stirbst ohne Angst mit mir

I won't feel empty without me

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