martes, 10 de junio de 2008

Slaves of Fashion (canción escrita por mí)

Here I come once again

Hope I don’t repeat all the pain

Here I come twice again

Repeating the same end over end


Here it comes once again

Everything I see is the same

Here he comes caught again

I’m seeing all the ghosts of my friends


Don’t, don’t you, don’t you cry

Laying alone alive at night

Dead at day, alive at night

But only if you’re laying alone


Here I come crossed again

Hope I never say it’s okay

And here you come fucked again

Hope you don’t get caught in my rain


And you will always be afraid

You’re always gonna feel like a slave

And I will never be impressed

I’m hoping that you’ll want to be saved


And I hope that you know

You can still be saved

2 comentarios:

Katey dijo...

siempre pones la palabra fuck o sus derivados en las canciones que escribes cuchhhhhh!

-Palove.~* dijo...

eee que dice alemaniaaa