lunes, 19 de septiembre de 2011

Not much

There is always something going on. I know that. Folk may say they have nothing to say, but they are lying. If you'd look into their eyes, you'd find that beneath their normal and monotonous color, there is something stirring. Perhaps they know, perhaps they do not. But mouths are never devoid of words. There may come times where a mouth that is shut may say thrice as much.
"Not much", "Nothing new", "What can I say?", lies, lies, lies, lies. Maybe half lies, but lies nevertheless. Deep inside (or not so deep), they tire. Deep inside they despair. Deep inside they think. Deep inside they wish. Deep inside they hope that something will happen. They hide it, but in a way that would be easy to uncover.
Then why do we not notice, you ask? Why, the mere thought of the question is hypocrisy. We do not give a fuck, that's why. And maybe they don't, either.

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