lunes, 8 de noviembre de 2010

I saw you

I saw you the other day. You looked happy; at least I thought so. I really hope you are. I am happy for you. Nevertheless, I did get a weird feeling at first. The thoughts of a similar story with a different character is indeed a bit strange to me.

I don't know what would (have) happen(ed) if I (had) really see(n) you again. Perhaps I would (have) throw(n) up or cry(ied); or perhaps I would (have) smile(d), give(n) you a hug, and wish(ed) you luck and happiness. After all, that's what we both found a long time ago, when dinosaurs walked the Earth, which was cleaner and purer. We even found it, hidden in lands that were then unfound.
What did I do right? You're the only one who knows, and I would really appreciate it if you told me. It's fucking killing me; I want to do it again, whatever it was. I want to be right once again.

Auf Wiedersehen, noch einmal. Aber sag mir, bitte, was habe ich gut gemacht?

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